In ASEAN, we believe everyone can be a partner for change. Hence, observers are welcome in AYS2018! Observers are applicants who come from ASEAN +3 member states or non-ASEAN member states who wish to participate in the summit. They will be able to experience all talks and activities, and roam from pillar to pillar to guide them through the case study competition that the delegates will take part in. Observers are also encouraged to participate in plenary discussions, to give further insight and open the floor to different perspectives they could offer from their experiences in their representing countries. Though observers will not be able to compete against the delegates in the case study competition, they are invited to join and listen to each group during their breakout sessions and their presentations.



All participants from the ASEAN member states are required to apply as a delegate. They are entitled to the full package which includes the talks, meals, field trip, and other activities. Delegates will also be able to take part in the case study competition wherein they will analyze the different issues that exist in their represented country and propose long term solutions in line with the goals of the three ASEAN pillars to solve these problems. Participants from the ASEAN member states are not allowed to register as an observer.

For more information, download our event primer!