The very first ASEAN Youth Summit was held last January 23-25, 2015. It was originally established as a channel for discussions on community development, economic integration, diplomacy, environmental stability, and youth welfare. With the theme “Empowering ASEAN Youth Towards a Greater ASEAN Community”, they aimed to form a youth declaration guided by the various talks and activities prepared for the delegates. Over 200 delegates participated in the discussion regarding the ASEAN economic integration and its role in trade, commerce, science, education, technological innovations, international diplomacy, international policies, labor, and employment.



With the theme “Strength in Diversity: Building One ASEAN Community”, AYS 2017 presented a Model ASEAN Simulation to a new batch of 200 delegates. Held last April 24-27, 2017, the delegates were given the opportunity to form national policies for the different ASEAN nations they represent in which all nations would have to agree upon. In helping the delegates form their policies, different talks surrounding the economic community, the socio-cultural community, and political security were prepared.